Policy and media representation is a very important part of NUAA’s work advocating for the health and rights of people who use drugs.

Over the years, NUAA has done a range of work in the policy area on issues that affect people who use drugs. This has included developing position statements on a range of issues, contributing peer perspectives to public policy development and research projects, building public awareness through distribution of media releases and event organising, and conducting our own research on important issues.

In this section you will find all the latest NUAA policy work, including our current position statements and policy submissions.

NUAA Position Statements - Where we stand!

In this section of the website you will find NUAA's policy position statements and documents that shape the way we work as an organisation. These statements are developed to articulate NUAA's views on particular topics affecting people who use drugs, and outline our recommendations for improving the lives of people who use drugs. NUAA uses these positions to shape our policy work and to campaign for the rights and well-being of people who use drugs. The statements are developed in consultation and collaboration with NUAA's members and the drug using community.

Discussion Papers

In 2013 NUAA looked at the World Health Organization's recent Guidance on prevention of hepatitis B and C among people who inject drugs.

NUAA held four forums over the first six months of 2013 to discuss the range of recommendations within the Guidance document.

NUAA's discussion document summarises the forum's main points and then makes a number of recommendations on actions that may be taken in NSW to implement the WHO Key Recommendations.

In 2014, NUAA focused on how people who inject drugs see the future of the Needle and Syringe Programs.

After consulting widely with peers, a discussion document, NSPs 2020, was presented to input the future development of NSPs in New South Wales.

A policy symposium was hosted by NUAA in July 2014 to launch the document. On the panel: Victor Tawil, A/Manager, Harm Reduction and Viral Hepatitis Branch, Centre for Population Health, NSW Ministry of Health; Colette McGrath, HIV and Related Programs (HARP) Unit Manager, SESIAHS; and peers David from NUAA's Youth NSP Advisory Committee and Rodd from NUAA's Peer Participation Program.

NUAA Policy Reference Series

NUAA has produced a number of handy policy reference cards which we can use as NUAA policy and position reference materials when we are at meetings or in the course of our work.

At present there are six and we have made these pdf's available for you to have a look at:


As part of NUAA's work representing people who inject drugs, we are often requested to make submissions to various policy and research projects to contribute a drug user perspective on a given issue. NUAA always takes care to consult with its members and peers as much as possible in the development of our submissions.

Here you will be able to access NUAA's submissions as they are made available.