Living with drugs is not easy. For a start, the fact that most drugs are illegal poses special problems for people who use them, ranging from the potential of contracting blood-born viruses such as hepatitis C to the possibility of winding up in prison. These, and many other, issues are covered in this section of the site. Topics include safe disposal of injecting equipment; safer injecting issues including use of sterile, new fits as a priority and how to clean and bleach fits if necessary; the law including your rights and drug law reform; overdose including naloxone distribution; non-injecting routes such as snorting, smoking, shafting and swallowing; health issues such as oral and dental care, nutrition, lifestyle, sexual health and pain management; drug facts; and prevention, care and treatment for blood borne viruses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV AIDS. You will find lots of great links to resources, websites and User's News stories.