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Preventing, testing for and treating blood borne viruses
Challenging stigma and discrimination
Using more safely
Building a more educated community
Supporting our local peers
Building relationships with local services

PeerLink is NUAA’s peer education project conceived, planned, delivered and sustained by people who use drugs (PWUD). The PeerLink project is constantly evolving and has been with us for over a decade. PeerLink groups have been run in Coffs Harbour, Lismore and The Hunter Region and are currently operating in Mount Druitt, Nowra and Toronto. Each PeerLink project is a partnership between NUAA, local PWUD and local allied services. Each partner in this triangle has a role to play in achieving the overall aim of preventing blood borne virus transmission, increasing knowledge about safer using and challenging stigma and discrimination.

PeerLink achieves this by strengthen existing links between peers and working collaboratively with local services in an effort to develop and sustain communities and networks of PWUD. The aim of this aspect of the project is to lessen isolation and marginalisation. The sense of empowerment flowing from increased knowledge and the recognition of this knowledge by professional services and organisations in turn increases and maintains participant’s sense of ownership and control over their health outcomes.

Peerlink Locations

Lismore: started scoping 2007. 1st meeting with NUAA support in 2008, transitioned 2010. Now in sustainability phase

Coffs Harbour: started scoping 2006. 1st meeting with NUAA support 2007, transitioned 2010, now in sustainability phase

Hunter: started 2009 with NUAA support, transitioned mid 2012, now in sustainability phase

Mt Druitt: started 2011 with NUAA support, will transition in mid 2014 to the sustainability phase

Toronto: started 2012 with NUAA support, will transition in mid 2014 to the sustainability phase

Nowra: started 2012 with NUAA support, will transition in July 2014 to the sustainability phase

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