The New South Wales Users and AIDS Association (NUAA) is an independent, user-driven, community-based organisation funded by NSW Health. NUAA aims to advance the health, rights and dignity of people who use drugs illicitly; provide information, education, and support for drug users; promote the development of legislation and policies to improve drug users’ social and economic well-being; and improve the quality and standards of services available to drug users.

NUAA relies on a strong and active membership - people who support the work and aims of the organisation. NUAA membership is free, confidential, and open to anyone interested in the issues affecting people who choose to use drugs illicitly. You can become a member of the association (receive voting rights, stand for election, and receive User's News) by sending a completed form (below) to NUAA. You can use the same form to be placed on the User's News are posted free of charge in a plain envelope.

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