As a community organisation, NUAA depends on maintaining a strong and active membership made up of people who support the aims and objectives of the association. NUAA membership is confidential and open to anyone interested in the issues affecting people who use drugs illicitly. As an incorporated association, NUAA maintains a confidential register of members. Membership is free.

3,184 Active NUAA Members
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Annual General Meetings

NUAA AGMs occur in the second half of each year. The date of the 2014 AGM will be advertised once it has been set by the Board. Agenda papers for the AGM are mailed to each member and will also be posted here as soon as they are available.

NUAA membership entitles you to vote at the annual general meeting (AGM). It also means that you can stand, or nominate other members, for positions on the NUAA Board of Governance, which meets regularly to oversee the direction, management, and finances of the organisation.

By becoming a member of NUAA, you directly contribute to the voices of drug users being heard, from grass roots to policy making levels.

Once your membership application has been accepted by the NUAA Board of Governance we will notify you by mail. You will also automatically receive our publication User’s News four times a year. (NOTE: If you do not want to become a member of NUAA but do want to be on the User's News mailing list, please say so in your email.)

There are many ways to get involved in NUAA as a member:

1. There are committees you might like to consider. Two of them are:

- Electronic Advisory Committee - for peers - advising NUAA on things that matter to you by email. TELL ME MORE

- User’s News Advisory Board - for peers - giving your opinion on UN content and themes. TELL ME MORE

- NSP Advisory Committee - for peers - advising on issues around the provision of needles, syringes and other equipment. TELL ME MORE

- NSP Youth Advisory Committee - for peers under 25 - advising on matters important to young people. TELL ME MORE

- You could put your name down to take part in appropriate research interviews or consumer consultation groups that NUAA might be asked to organise from time to time. TELL ME MORE

2. You could start up or join a discussion support group for people living with hep C or undergoing treatment. TELL ME MORE

3. You could take part in the Peer Participation Project and volunteer your time to work at NUAA in the NSP or office in the context of a training and development program. TELL ME MORE

4. You could get involved in Peerlink TELL ME MORE

5. You could make a contribution to User’s News. Talk to the editor about upcoming issue themes, then get to work writing an article , story or a letter to the editor; making a drawing or photograph; or perhaps attending a writer’s workshop. Or if writing or making art is not your thing, you can ask Leah to interview you. TELL ME MORE

6. You can attend a Board of Governance meeting. TELL ME MORE

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