COMMUNITY SUPPORT SAVES AIVL In December 2015, a change to funding arrangements for the national community response to Blood Borne Viruses (BBV) and Sexually Transmissible Infections (STI) cast doubt over the future of AIVL, the Australian agency represen... read more

On 26 September, on ABC radio AM, Fiona Poeder was interviewed and asked to comment on the overdose of prescription drugs taken by two Rabbitoh football players. A brief grab was included in the short piece. Here is the transcript of the relevant portion ... read more

This media release by the PHAA:  The Public Health Association of Australia (PHAA) has thrown its support behind the legalisation of medical cannabis, launching its new organisational policy today.  “PHAA’s new Position Statement on Medicinal Cannab... read more

Four focus on safer using, with clear and accurate peer advice on using alcohol swabs to reduce bacteria; using tourniquets for making veins easier to find; making locations safer for when you may need to use in a public or unfamiliar space; and reducing ... read more